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Smart Snacks Nutrition Approved List
Posted On:
Sunday, February 07, 2016
What snacks are approved?

Parents and Guardians please read and understand that the State of Nevada has implemented new nutritional guidelines for snacks that students can have in school. The legislation has approved multiple snacks that you can bring in for class snacks.

Another change to the nutritional guidelines is the frequency of parties with snacks that any classroom can have. Classrooms are allowed one party/celebration per month. So now all birthday parties will have to be celebrated on one day per month. These are the only days that store bought snacks/treats can be brought into school. Everything must be store bought and not homemade due to food allergies and staff must be able to read the ingredient list and determine the contents of the food.

We recommend that if you do choose to send something in, that it be a healthy snack (fruits, vegetables, something off of the SCHOOL WELLNESS POLICY Accepted List or that meets the Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards that is allowed on the school campus. A link to this information on the web

This legislation is intended to keep children safe and healthy and teach them the importance of healthy snacks. If you have any questions, please give the school office at call at 727-6619.


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