Student Registration starts up again on July 26, 2021
CSI School Progress Update May 2021
Thursday, May 20th Early Dismissal @ 12:50 PM
NCSD Wants YOU!!! To Drive School Buses
Pandemic Benefits & 21/22 Registration
Clarification: COVID Mitigation Measures & Local Management
J.G. Johnson's CSI Progress #3 Continued
J.G. Johnson's CSI Progress #3
Thursday, March 4th "Travel the World...and dress like a Tacky Tourist"
Wednesday, March 3rd "Style your hair in a crazy, futuristic way"
Tuesday, March 2nd "Wear mismatched, inside-out, or backwards clothes!"
Monday, March 1st "Dress in as many colors as you can"
Reading Week: March 1st - March 5th "Change Your World...Read!"
NNAT3 Testing for 2nd & 5th Grade
Pahrump Schools - Snow Day
Kindness Week January 25th- January 29th
JG Johnson's CSI Progress #2
Temporary Change