During this time of distance-learning, it is important that we are recognizing our Students of the Month for their hard work and achievement. These students have shown tremendous progress and dedication. JG Johnson congratulates the following students for the Student of the Month awards:


Daveed Espinoza - Daveed works hard and tries hard. He has a wonderful can-do attitude and his penmanship is clear and precise.

Charlotte Halstead- For working so hard on her long-distance instructional assignments! Great job!

Zaden Kirby - For being attending all of the Google Hangouts and being dedicated to working on Lexia. 

Jaxen Richter- Jaxen has worked hard to become a Marvelous Mustang Student. He is the first one in Google hangouts and always is doing his best during our meetings.

First Grade

Cameron Hall - Cameron is a wonderful student. She is working from home and completing all her work. You are doing awesome!

Liam Lomax - For being an accelerated math student. 

Leanna Taylor - For dedication and achievement on Lexia

Second Grade

Keanna Mitchell-She is attending every day, two class meetings (google hangout meetings) to improve her learning and spelling. OK

Braylee Quick- She is at home but doing all her packet work and submitting it! Way to go! I’m proud of you. 

Taylor Smith - She is working hard and submitting assignments. 

Brenden Taylor-Jannotte - for hard work and perseverance during the fourth quarter. 

Third Grade

Emma Boyd-Needham- Emma has been so excited about completing work and participating in virtual field trips as well as number talks. She is always willing to share her explanations with all of us on Google Hangouts and does her best to complete all assignments. I am so proud of the work she is doing!

Sheamus Mounce- Sheamus has been working very hard on his assignments during our closure. He has really stepped and showed how responsible he can be.

Dezirae Sanders- She is always excited about learning in our Number talks and on our digital field trips. She always comes with a smile on her face.  Thank you for always being so eager to learn.

Eli Stepp-  He has been working with packets and been consistent during the fourth quarter. 

Fourth Grade

Noah Amaya -  Excellence in Lexia and Readworks

Brooklyn Dunn - Brooklyn and her family have worked hard to keep her learning ongoing. She has excelled at working on Zearn.

Wryn Morgan- Wryn has been consistent in her assignments during the closure and has regularly attended class meetings. 

Fifth Grade

Joshua Clark - For being an amazing student during distance learning. 

Dallas Dunn - Dallas is my SOM for striving to complete all tasks put in front of her, and for striving to get as much work done as possible before starting middle school. 

Roxanne Hernandez-Cruz: has been focused on her online work as well as participating in the Google Hangouts, on a daily basis

If you would like a digital award sent with your child’s name please contact Ms. Ward at lward@nyschools.org