NNAT3 Testing for 2nd & 5th Grade

Dear Second and Fifth Grade Parents,

 During the week of  February 22, 2021 JG Johnson Elementary School is administering an ability test to screen second grade and fifth grade students as part of the district’s planned launch of gifted services. We request that your child participate in taking the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT3). This test is a brief, culturally unbiased, nonverbal measure of general ability.

 This is a group test that will be administered at the school during the school day.

Participation is voluntary. Your child’s grades and/or progress in school will not be affected in any way by participating.

 The form is available in the school office and only needs to be filled out and turned in if you choose not to have your child participate. The Opt-Out form will need to be filled out at the school office no later than 02/12/2021.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation. Parents and teachers working together are a powerful combination which can only benefit the children we share.



Debbie Carle, Principal

JG Johnson Elementary