Canned Food Drive


Dear Parents, Families, and Teachers,
JG Johnson Student Council will be starting out the year with a canned/packaged food
drive to benefit a few of our families here at our school. Any student may bring items
in from our list and other non-perishables of their choice. We will be able to select a
few families in need for the upcoming holiday season. We are starting to collect items
tomorrow, November 5, and we will continue to collect through November 22. Food
may be dropped off at the Counseling Center, Room 14. Please feel free to donate
additional items that are not on this list.
canned beans, dry beans, peanut butter, or other nut butters,
rolled oats, cereals, grits, stuffing/box,
canned fruit in juice, canned vegetables, tomato sauces, pumpkin, cranberries, soups,
canned tuna/chicken, salmon, other meats, rice, nuts, pastas, shelf stable milks,
popcorn, honey, olive oil, canola oil, chicken, beef, or, vegetable broths,
coffees, tea bags, snack/protein bars, canned or boxes of puddings
bread, muffin, pancake mixes, dried fruits (raisins, cranberries, apricots, etc.)
salad dressings, jelly and jams, pickles, condiments
Please help to get our Student Council off on a positive note and consider
a donation.
(Paper towels and toilet paper are also good donations to include in our family boxes.)
***Avoid foods packaged in glass. Pull top tins are helpful vs can opener types, if possible. Please do not donate
foods that are past the expiration date