Upcoming Spelling Bee Information


 November 8, 2022

Dear Parents/ Guardians: 

We are excited to announce the NCSD 2022-2023 Spelling Bee, which will be held on the following dates during school hours: 

Classroom Spelling Bee:  The week of December 5th, 2022

School Spelling Bee:  January 11, 2023

District Spelling Bee: Tentatively February 8, 2023, for elementary schools, tentatively February 13, 2023, for middle schools

 We encourage your child or children to study the words in preparation for the spelling bee.  Weekends and breaks can be an excellent time to study.  This is a great opportunity for each student to improve their spelling and have fun! 

Follow this link Spelling Word Lists by Grade Level to your child’s grade-level word list to study. You can also find all of the words and definitions sorted by grade level on your school’s website.

The winner and the runner-up of each classroom will participate in a grade-level spelling bee at their school. The winner and the runner-up from each grade level will then participate in a district spelling bee.

 We invite parents to attend the school and district spelling bee.  Certificates, prizes, ribbons, and trophies will be awarded. 

 Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Brittany Varao at 775-727-7743.


J.G. Johnson Spelling Bee Committee